Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned as an indie game development studio is the fact that major events are essential if you’re trying to achieve anything in this industry. Since we’ve started visiting events, we’ve learned so much about this industry, but also - we got a lot of incredibly useful feedback for some of our projects. After quite a successful visit to Casual Connect earlier this year, we’ve decided to promote our first indie project - Children Of Lir on this year’s edition of Belgrade’s Games.Con.


This year’s Games.Con was bigger and even more gaming-centered than ever before. All of us at Esoter Studio visited all of the previous Games.Con conventions, but this was the first one we decided to visit as a game development studio. We got the opportunity to represent our studio and our game in front of thousands of visitors, gamers, developers, and all other interested parties. We also got the amazing opportunity to meet other developers, big and small, and to connect with them in various ways.

We’ve spent three full days representing our game, talking to people, taking their feedback, and developing a plan for the future. We also managed to get involved with some other, quite exciting projects. We gave interviews, talked a lot about our game, and we did our best to represent the indie game development scene in Serbia in the best possible light. We also had the opportunity to talk with industry experts, and we were involved in quite a lot of interesting contests and giveaways.


Aside from all the work and promotion, we’ve also organized a giveaway contest for everyone who visited our Games.Con booth. Once the Games.Con was over, and we came back to Novi Sad, we were left speechless by the number of people who participated in our giveaway. By the end of Games.Con we had more than 230 participants involved in our giveaway contest, and most of them were also interested in the development process of the game. We would really like to give something to all of the people who participated, but - as the rules were clear - we had to pick just two winners. For this contest we’ve decided to give away 2 3D prints of Children Of Lir characters, a number of posters, badges, stickers, and some other goodies as well. We would like to congratulate our winners once again, so Tamara Marjanovic and Stefan Stegic - congratulations, and thank you once again for showing interest in our work.

Armed with incredibly useful feedback, still a little under the influence of so many visitors, we wanted to share some of our Games.Con experiences with you. We will be updating our game, and we are working very hard to finish the demo for Children Of Lir as soon as possible. There are a lot of new and exciting things coming our way, and we can’t wait to share our progress with you. Make sure you follow us on social media and check out our Children Of Lir content to stay up to date. Here’s a little piece of the atmosphere at Games.Con Belgrade. Hope you enjoy it as nearly as we have.



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Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.


Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.