Becoming an indie game developer and 3D printing studio is not an easy task, but it was always our collective dream. That’s why we really tried to persevere. We don’t know what the future holds, but for now, we’re doing our best to stay true both to ourselves and to our fans. In order to do this, we’ve focused on creating an epic turn-based and party-based Android RPG called “Children of Lir”.


As the project slowly evolves, and as we prepare our Kickstarter campaign, we had the opportunity to talk with our friends from Blue Moon Game portal. They recognized the quality in our work, and they’ve decided to ask us a little bit about our latest project - Children of Lir.


We had a casual talk with Mišo Babić about our inspiration, past experiences, but also we talked a little bit about our plans for the future and where do we see ourselves in the future. Of course, we talked about the game we’re developing and how are we planning to put it out there. So, here’s a bit on how that conversation looked like.


How did you decide to come together and form a game studio?

Esoter: We all worked together at one point in our lives, and we all knew quite a lot about each other. We always wanted to create an independent gaming studio where we will be the only ones responsible for decision making and creative input. Having that creative freedom is simply what we find necessary in order to treat video games as we all see them - as an art.


What media has influenced your creative thinking the most, what are your favorite books, comics, tv shows, movies, games?

Esoter: We tend to find inspiration everywhere around us. We all like similar things, from specific cartoons and comic books, through TV shows and video games. We’re huge fans of RPG games (naturally), but we also really love a good story, no matter what type of the game it is. There are a lot of references we regularly address, but to try to sum it all up: from Stephen King, and Dylan Dog, through Breaking Bad and Star Wars, and all the way to the World of Warcraft and Borderlands series - that’s how we would define our general preferences.


The art style on your website and facebook page look awesome, kind of like a dark cartoon or a graphic novel. What were your influences? Is the in-game art going to look like that?

Esoter: Thanks, we really tried very hard to make CHildren of Lir stand out a bit. As we’re all fans of the horror genre, but we also love the visual style of those old cartoons and comics, so basically - it was the only choice for game art we could agree upon. This art will be in the game as well as in all of the promotional materials.


Since we had this interview, Children of Lir became available for backing on Kickstarter, so if you want to learn more about it, or even fund its development, you can do that on the following link:


This is just a short snippet from the original interview done for the Blue Moon Game portal. They are an absolutely amazing place to learn about new releases and gaming in general.

If you would like to read the full interview and see how our team members personally answered some of these questions, you can find it on the following link:

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Our core business is based on video game development, followed by services of 3D modeling, 3D printing, 2D art and design, with a high variety of offers and options for mutual collaboration. General idea we follow is to get to know our clients and get them to know our services, so we can show them it’s possible to achieve availability and high quality at the same time.




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Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.


Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.