Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.


When you’re running a small indie game development studio, there are a lot of things you have to learn. The process of learning while trying to create the best possible content may take you on different paths throughout the development. Now that this year’s Casual Connect is over, we can really say that we’ve learned quite a lot. We’ve learned about game development, business development, approaching publishers, finding investors, but probably the most important thing we’ve learned so far was - how to approach the game development industry.


First of all, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of the event organizers, as well as to all of the staff working tirelessly in order to make this conference what it is today. So many amazing people were ready to give us all the information we could possibly need. We would also like to express our thanks to all of the industry members who were involved with this amazing conference. Without you guys, there would be much more confused developers, without a clue on how to get their games out there.


During this year’s Casual Connect in Belgrade, Esoter Studio had a lot of amazing opportunities. We’ve met with numerous industry professionals, and we talked to them about what lies ahead. We’re more than happy to say that all of the meetings we had ended up helping us realize our next course of action. Visiting conferences and gaming events has always been very useful, but this time, it really changed the way we think about them.


We’ve worked as developers for so long, that we really needed some help from more experienced industry members. They helped us understand how to find our way in this dynamic market, but they’ve also helped us realize our long-term goals. We’ve learned a lot about industry standards, and we’ve learned about adapting our content so it becomes more trendy. We’ve also learned about retention, and about various ways which we can use to make our players more interested in games we make.

Another thing we have to mention is that most of the industry experts really loved what we’ve done so far with Children Of Lir. This helped motivate us in the best possible way, so we’re hoping that our beloved COL should be done somewhere by the third quarter of 2019. Of course, there is quite a lot of work left for this project, but we’re quite confident that we can finish it in time.


As for the future of our studio, we have to say that it’s probably going to look bright and quite dynamic. Other than focusing solely on Children Of Lir, we’ve decided to tap into the global market for casual and hyper-casual games. These games go through a much shorter process of production, while they generate incredible user retention, as well as quite a lot of ad revenue. We’ve already developed a couple of our hypercasual games, and they will soon be available to everyone. This doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about COL or any other previous project, but it means that our jobs have become much more interesting.


As you can see, we’ve embarked on an interesting adventure, and we really hope you’re going to join us on this amazing ride. We will try to keep you regularly updated, and please keep an eye out for any news, as we’re planning to start showing you our completed games very soon. Stay happy and curious, and don’t forget to follow us on social media for any additional information about our future titles.





Other than services and experiences we provide, we aim to elevate the level of knowledge about game development, 3D technologies, art, and design. Our mission is to make quality products and content available to our clients, while we go through the educational process of making those products together.


Our core business is based on video game development, followed by services of 3D modeling, 3D printing, 2D art and design, with a high variety of offers and options for mutual collaboration. General idea we follow is to get to know our clients and get them to know our services, so we can show them it’s possible to achieve availability and high quality at the same time.




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Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.


Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.