Meet Esoter at Casual Connect Belgrade (01.10. - 03.10.2018.)


Running an indie game development studio can be stressful and quite challenging, but it can, and it should be fun. One of the many reasons why it should be so fun is visiting gaming conventions and events. These events help connect people with similar ideas and interests; they help developers find what they are looking for, and more importantly, they are helping all types of developers learn how to reach success.


One of the most important gaming events, and most definitely THE most important event for casual game developers, is Casual Connect. This event takes place all over the world, with its primary goal to help developers and publishers connect, ultimately improving the casual game industry.


Casual Connect is one of the fastest growing gaming conferences in the world, and it was directly involved in the success of many great game studios. The fact that it takes place in different locations all over the world puts it in the perspective, as developers get the opportunity to meet the people they otherwise wouldn’t.


Our team members were already involved in previous Casual Connect conferences, so we had the opportunity to experience why this event can be essential to both developers and publishers. We’ve been working hard, and we finally have something to show. That’s why Esoter Studio will be attending this year’s Casual Connect conference in Belgrade’s Crowne Plaza, from October 1st to October 3rd.


If you’re into games, and you’re anywhere near Belgrade during this period, look for tickets and come to check out this amazing event. Whether you’re just thinking about making your first game, or you’re a part of a fully grown team of professional game developers - Casual Connect is most definitely an event you should check out. You can learn quite a lot from industry experts here, you can meet quite a lot of people to help you with your ideas, and you can even come to an agreement with various large publishers.


As casual games evolve and this market grows, it will only become harder to find your way into all of it. The events like Casual Connect can help you fully understand what to do, and which path to follow. That’s why we’re going to be there. If you find yourself visiting Belgrade and Casual Connect, look for our team members through the 2Meet app, and schedule a meeting with us. We hope we’ll see you there.



Other than services and experiences we provide, we aim to elevate the level of knowledge about game development, 3D technologies, art, and design. Our mission is to make quality products and content available to our clients, while we go through the educational process of making those products together.


Our core business is based on video game development, followed by services of 3D modeling, 3D printing, 2D art and design, with a high variety of offers and options for mutual collaboration. General idea we follow is to get to know our clients and get them to know our services, so we can show them it’s possible to achieve availability and high quality at the same time.




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Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.


Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.