During the last couple of years we’ve experienced an evolution and rise of video game industry. The video game market has expanded quite a lot recently, so much so that it represents one of the biggest parts of the entertainment industry in the world nowadays. Even the application of video games changed. It’s not uncommon to see famous brands using all types of games in order to promote their products and services and find new clients.

Our team is made out of people with several years of game development experience, as well as being experienced 2D artists, designers and marketers. Our main goal is to create new virtual world which will immerse our players and clients and which will bring something fresh and exciting to the table. From original stories, through covering already existing ones and all the way to the creation of video games by already planned out steps, Esoter Studio can cover it all. We aim to fulfill our clients’ needs and we let our games speak for themselves.


Other than services and experiences we provide, we aim to elevate the level of knowledge about game development, 3D technologies, art, and design. Our mission is to make quality products and content available to our clients, while we go through the educational process of making those products together.


Our core business is based on video game development, followed by services of 3D modeling, 3D printing, 2D art and design, with a high variety of offers and options for mutual collaboration. General idea we follow is to get to know our clients and get them to know our services, so we can show them it’s possible to achieve availability and high quality at the same time.




Esoter Studio


Esoter Studio at Games.Con Belgrade

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.


Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.

Looking Ahead after the Casual Connect Belgrade 2018.


Meet Esoter at Casual Connect Belgrade (01.10. - 03.10.2018.)

Running an indie game development studio can be stressful and quite challenging, but it can, and it should be fun.